Mamalina Knots Felt Experience




Our healing process is intensely personal, complex and layered.  At times it can be tedious, tangled and painful.


After much agitation and pointed perseverance, we can be gifted with a stronger, more radiant and resilient self.


Needle felting is the process of  interlocking fibers using a barbed needle and (primarily) alpaca and wool fibers.  


Barbs catch the individual fibers and push them through into a foam backing, tangling and binding them to each other, eventually creating a cohesive fabric, sculpture, or work of art.


Felt Beginnings


When I was first introduced to needle felting, I experienced an almost trancelike relaxation from the start.  Tactile sensations of  alpaca, wool and angora fibers, the rhythmic sound of my needle, even the quasi-aggressive act of repeatedly puncturing this piece of foam...all of it just seemed right   It soothed me, I enjoyed it and found that with each poke, I was invited to participate in a mindful moment that went  beyond some pretty picture I was making.


As I shared this art form with friends and      colleagues,  many of them also commented on the benefits they experienced.  I began to offer it within my practice settings and it was soon clear that there were broader therapeutic  implications.

An Invitation to be Mindful


Folks have used needle felting as a therapeutic tool to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, illness and recovery.  


∞  Ages 5 to 89 have already felted their feelings.  ∞


∞  Patients can felt a cancer cell,

tear it from the canvas and start anew.  ∞


∞  Coworkers can built cohesion by felting a tapestry, expressing individuality while developing a unified fabric.  ∞  


∞  Survivors of sexual violence have felt their experience in a therapeutic space designed to celebrate spirit

and contribute to the continuation of their

personal healing process.  ∞


∞  Vets who have seen combat felted a space

to express the inexpressible .  ∞


∞  Students preparing for college can felt their anxieties,

and then felt their future. ∞


∞  Strangers can mourned the loss of a loved one,

a limb, an identity, a job, a belief.  

 Together, without saying a word.  ∞

Therapeutic Needle Felting

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