Mamalina Knots Felt Experience

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Angel in a Blasich

Angelina Blasich,

Founder of Mamalina Knots and  Originator of Therapeutic Needle Felting,  has delighted in all forms of artistic expression since childhood.  


From humble beginnings, lip-synching Disco Duck on the living room table, her family knew she was, well, different.  


As a performer (acting, hosting poetry events throughout NYC, even appearing a few times at the Apollo); an avid napkin doodler; and a developing tactile/visual artist; Angelina makes it her business to indulge in beauty, fluid movement, and delicious communion.  

Over the past few years,

fiber has become Angelina’s primary medium for artistic expression.  She finds herself right at home with the sculptural aspects of needle felting and fiber work, and is committed to the use of locally sourced wool and alpaca.  


Angelina continues to push the expectations of fiber in art.  This year she won the People's Choice Award at the Rude and Bold Women annual art show, a long wall featuring 10 framed pieces of felted fine art, an enstallment titled, MoonMaids 


Creating vessels, sculpture and fine art on felted canvas, Angelina is forging new roads one purposeful poke at a time.  

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