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Envision Your Tapestry


Organizations, community groups, project teams,  school clubs, social networks...  we are always seeking for ways to engage eachother in something special.  Good leaders, healthy peers, and loving friends wish to inspire, challenge, celebrate, and provide one another with opportunities for growth and reflection.  


*    Staff appreciation    *    Organizations in transition    *  

*    Encourage out of the box thinking    *

*    Team building    *    Strained Relationships   *   Mourning a loss    *

            *    Release frustrations    *

(great for customer service, teachers, nurses, mental health pracitioners)    


After a brief introduction to needle felting, each person will be invited to create a piece that speaks to who they are as an individual, and as a member of this group.  We celebrate their offering as each person connects themselves to the collective Tapestry, slowly building a tactile, tangible representation of the diverse and beautiful whole.    


If transition is a part of this Tapestry, at some point people will be asked to make a change that will help them adapt and grow within this familial/organizational narrative.  This change, as large or as small as each is willing or able, will impact the Tapestry and inform the future.  


A Touchable, Tangible Reminder


Each group will leave with individual pieces and a communal group Tapestry.

This Tapestry serves to demonstrate the individuality, texture, creativity, color of our individual fibers, and the complex wonderment of what we can accomplish together.  Please display your Tapestry where everyone can be reminded that they are integral to this fabric.


With a history in facilitating workshops, family sessions, and organizational retreats, I will tailor this  Felt Tapestry experience to address your specificities.  Sessions will run 3-4 hours (possibly longer for larger groups).  

Pricing does not include accomodations/travel.


 For a more immersive experience, consider a one or two day ArtFelt Retreat.  



             Groups up to 10..…   1 session:  $750            2 sessions: $1400  

              up to 20…..        1 session:  $1200          2 sessions: $2200

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