Mamalina Knots Felt Experience


Mamalina Knots

Angelina is the Founder and Head Designer of Mamalina Knots.  The creative commerce arm of this operation is where it all started, and still serves to provide both income and silly-side sustenance.


This business began as a misshapen scarf gone handbag, and never turned back.   Mamalina Knots Felted Fashion is based on the premise that we take ourselves too seriously, and shoot, a whimsical little fuzzball bag might just serve as good reminder.


Mamalina's most ridiculously inspired offering are the ClamPets.  No time for that here, just go to  ClamPets.  All Mamalina Knots creations are one of a kind, use no pattern and come directly from the suessian brain of Angelina herself.