Mamalina Knots Felt Experience


Felt Celebrations of Kinship and Friendship


Strong families, however they define, work hard to maintain a loving space,    a cohesive unit of individuals who reflect and resemble each other.  Whether making a centerpiece for the family table,  a piece of art celebrating friends bonded as family, a collective tapestry to hang in the family room, or a 91st birthday present for grammy, felting together presents an opportunity to have fun, create, and enjoy each other.


After a brief introduction to needle felting, each person will be invited to create a piece that speaks to who they are as an individual and as a member of this beautiful family.  Each person shares what they choose of themselves and felts thier piece to the family fabric.   Together they add embellishments and create a cohesive tapestry.


A note for Step Families or Families in Transition:

Transitions in the family, even wonderful ones, can be intense, powerful, scary, exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, annoying, and downright core rattling.   Transitional Tapestries invite each family member to  create their own unique work, bring these works together, and then make changes to  help the family narrative to grow.  This change, as large or as small as each is willing or able, will impact the Tapestry and invite a family fabric more reflective of and respectful of each member.    


Each family will leave with individual pieces and a communal Family Tapestry.  This Tapestry serves to demonstrate the individuality, texture, creativity, color of your family's fibers.  ArtFelt expression works well across age groups and levels of cognition.  Able adults and older siblings can assist with those who are not physically able to manipulate a needle.  Wet felting options are also available.


Please display your Tapestry where everyone can be reminded that they are integral to the family fabric.


Sessions will run from 2 to 3 hours. For a more immersive experience, consider a one or two day ArtFelt Luxury Retreat.  


                                                         Families 2-6....  single session:  $ 150-$450

                                                         Multiple session rates are available.  



Create a Family Tapestry

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