Mamalina Knots Felt Experience


ClamPet Clans

Since their humble origins,

over 500 clams ago, ClamPets have continually evolved in shape, form and size.  


Though no patterns are used in their creation,

and each ClamPet is as individual

as you and I...

over time, fiberous familial

resemblances began to take form.  


To date 17* discernible ClamClans 

have emerged, with more surely on the rise.


CroClam Clan

HappyClam Clan

ShamClam Clan

ClamPot Clan

Everseer Clan

D'evil Eye Clan *

LepraChlam Clan

BalzaClam Clan

SlackJawedClam Clan

Clampentine Clan

ClamRock Clan

LopsyTurvyClam Clan

ProbiscuClam Clan

Mandible Clamdible Clan

ClamDestine Clan

BeBeakedClam Clan

WavymouthClam Clan


*There is some debate as to whether

D'evil Eyes warrant a clan of their own. 





Created orignally as an Everseer,

each D'evil is connected to every other,

one eye of a magical multi-eyed whole.  

Be that as it were, the aspect of being the only ClamPets connected through time and space

would indeed seem a clanworthy trait.


How about this... ClamPets

may claim multiple clans or no clan at all,

as they have no real committments to any cockamamie constructed ClamClaniverse.

2013-03-03_15-03-31_329 everseer grouping HappyClam grouping 2 LopsyTurvyClam grouping beaked Clam grouping

BeBeakedClam Clan

HappyClam Clan

LopsyTurvyClam Clan

Everseer Clan